Starring Stacy Burke and Devin DeMoore
52 Minutes / $35 VHS or PAL, postpaid

During a tour of Japan, the adventurous Stacy Burke visits a teahouse alone. After sharing a bottle of hot sake with her exotic Geisha, Reiko, played by Devin DeMoore, Stacy becomes inebriated to the point of accepting her Geisha's offer of an introduction to the ancient Asian art of tickle-jitsu. An apt pupil, Stacy turns the tables on her instructor and utilizing the manacles she is never without, secures her Geisha's arms to the small table which becomes an altar to the senusliaty of tickle-jitsu and manual restraint.

Starring Stacy Burke and Devin DeMoore
48 Minutes / $35.00 VHS or PAL, postpaid

Reiko, her sensuality inflamed, suggests that she show Stacy the pleasures of verticle restraint combined with tickle-jitsu. Out ofcuriousity, Stacy agrees to the turnabout. Each, in her completely naked, bound vulnerability, submits herself to the alternating torment and exquisite sensuality of the other's hands in a wild session of erotic tickling.

Starring Celine DeBois and Crystal Ball
50 Minutes / $35.00 VHS or PAL, postpaid

While relaxing and perusing her favorite magazine, Crystal is interrupted by a knock on the door. Celine, a lovely blonde, introduces herself in a low, throaty Gallic voice as the representative of a French poll taker and wonders if she might ask some questions. Crystal consents to be interviewed regarding her sexual preferences, revealing her penchant for being both a tickler and ticklee. Curious, the young Frenchwoman asks for more details about the erotic ways of tickling. Crystal is eager to demonstrate and Celine proves to be a fast learner. In no time both luscious beauties are stark naked while revelling in each other's many digital delights.

Starring Crystal Ball and Devin Demoore
50 Minutes / $35.00 VHS or PAL, postpaid

After reading Tickled Twosomes magazine, beautiful Crystal closes her eyes and fantasizes being visited by a mysterious woman dressed in a black cloak, high black boots and revealing costume. Her fantasy soon becomes reality and Crystal submits herself to the curious hands and fingers of her silent intruder whose caresses excite both Crystal's curiosity and her voluptuous body. The apparition reveals herself to be the Phantom Tickler when she initiates beautiful Crystal into the ways of tickledom. Crystal is soon reduced to a quaking, screaming ticklee, putty in the hands of the Phantom who then proceeds to make the blonde Venus her naked,obedient slave.

Starring Shayna Clark & Lauren
50 Minutes / $35.00 VHS or PAL, postpaid

Exotic Lauren, recently arrived from Spain, while looking for an apartment innocently answers a rental ad in an L.A. undergroundnewspaper. Upon entering the attractive lady manager's (ShaynaClark) apartment to fill out her application, Lauren finds Shayna is topless. It is then that Lauren learns the meaning of a "clothing optional" apartment, a phrase with which she is not familiar. Pleasantly surprised, Lauren asks her hostess if she may also disrobe. "Of course," is the reply. It is then that the manager confides that she loves to tickle and be tickled. The ladies agree to experiment with each other, and soon are providing themselves with a myriad of tickling pleasures. After their naked tickling encounter, landlady Shayna offers her new playmate a deal on her rent - a ticklish proposition!

Starring Crystal Ball and Devin Demoore as "The Phantom"
50 Minutes / $35.00 VHS or PAL, postpaid

During their original encounter in "The Phantom Tickler," Crystal fantasizes being visited by a mysterious woman dressed in black. Her fantasy comes true as The Phantom Tickler soon reduces Crystal to a quaking, screaming ticklee. But turnabout is fair play, and when The Phantom Tickler returns to Crystal's fantasy, she commands blonde beauty Crystal to become the dominant tickler. Soon, the Phantom finds herself on the receiving end of some delicious, finger-flicking tickling moments as Crystal finds The Phantom's most sensitive pleasure points. An apt pupil, Crystal manipulates the Phantom's entire naked body, producing multiple paroxysms of tickling pleasure.

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